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Take me on a romantic walk to the liquor store
How we gon' get along if you don't know any songs on Midnight Marauders......


Biz Markie Just a Friend The Biz Never Sleeps

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Blue Scholars - Sagaba 

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i can’t tell if i want to fuck or fuck

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Coming and going as I please isn’t too shabby. But I have no one to come home to. So it kinda sucks a lot -__-

I’ve only been gone for 2 days

But I already feel lonely af. It really fucking sucks. I’m used to going home to my mom and hearing my sisters be loud and my gramps tv blasting for the whole block to hear. Ha.
It’s cool to have my peace and quiet, but I’d really like to just have someone to chill and watch movies or SOMETHING -__- This will take some time getting used to *sigh*

Drunk words are sober thoughts. He always made it seems like it was just friends and I am/was fine with that…but why would you say all these things when you’re drunk and a few months away from getting married? I hate you.